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Advantages with being a member

Continued strong influence from the students.

With your membership in the Student Union we can continue to be an important party as the voice of the students towards the university and others.

Educational related matters and student support

The core of our work is to keep developing the educations given by LiU in order to ensure their quality and matching och the students' and the work market's expectations. Being a memeber means you're part of developing and influencing your education. We also help you with questions concerning your rights as a student, cases of discrimination and much more. Meanwhile we make sure your time at LiU is given context and making it as good as possible.

Benefits of the membership As a member you get discounts on the union houses in Linköping and Norrköping, along with other discounts.

The union works with ensuring you receive a quality education that keeps developing.

The union keeps existing and is able to keep being supportive if you are harmed at LiU.

You become a shareowner of the five union houses.

You are able to engage in the organisation of LinTek and influence even more.

You receive the right to sound your voice at the Student Union elections each year.

LinTek preserves the right of being a Student Union.